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Language World 2016

What our delegates said:

“As always, it has been an inspiring, invigorating, and fun couple of days. I have learnt so much, come away with lots of ideas to implement and talked to so many lovely people! It is definitely the best CPD around and great value for money”

“Very varied and thought provoking. I have finished the 2 days with a very long list of ideas and links to resources and follow up. This should keep me busy for the next year until Language World 2017!”

“All the sessions I attended were excellent and I am taking away lots of wonderful ideas and techniques and am now feeling a little less anxious about the oncoming curriculum changes. Thank you to everyone for sharing materials!”

“As always packed full with super speakers and ideas. It would be unfair to try to pick out favourite sessions, thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Always lovely to meet new people and exchange ideas. Delighted to see so many new young faces. Everyone smiles at each other at Language World!”

“Fantastic speakers, ideas and inspiration. Friendly atmosphere. Thank you so much for a fabulous and enriching day. A fantastic day. Thank you.”

“A huge thank you for organising my place at last week’s conference. I do blame you entirely for my lack of sleep, as I have so many ideas running through my mind now!”

“This was my first conference as I’d never before dared asking if my school would let me come. I have enjoyed every minute of it and found it extremely refreshing, challenging and inspiring. It was very daunting to come on my own as I did not know anyone. I found it a bit difficult on the first day in that respect. Everyone was very friendly, it was very interesting, reassuring and made this conference even more useful as I felt I could ask any questions. I think this should be compulsory training for any MFL teacher. Very knowledgeable, useful facilities, lots of sharing. Thank you, see you next year!”

Language World 2015

What our delegates said:

“I came away inspired and full of ideas for future planning. Both days were very inspiring and got me fired-up and reaffirmed my enthusiasm that language learning is healthy. I connected with colleagues I did not know before and those I already knew, it was great to have quality time with them, in a different environment and for a different purpose. All the speakers I listened to were engaging, very helpful and talented within their field. The people behind the scenes were equally excellent, everything was done to make the conference a great experience. Thank you for an amazing two-day conference”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the conference – great atmosphere. Fabulous organisation and great sessions”

“I thoroughly enjoyed all sessions I attended. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting too! Attending LW2015 is like having an intensive week-end away seeing dear friends again, meeting new ones, sharing, feeling inspired and a good boogie! I would not be the teacher I am without it!”

“Highlights as always were meeting up with old friends and networking with new ones, as well as putting faces to names from the Languages in Primary Schools Facebook group”

“The whole conference was amazing! All the speakers were inspirational and I met so many like-minded (i.e. passionate and enthusiastic) people that I can honestly say that I loved every minute! I got so many ideas which I can share within my primary hub and made so many connections… It was also great to meet people you interact with via email, twitter or facebook and find they are even better in real life! It was worth every penny, I cannot recommend it enough… Roll on Rugby!”

Language World 2014

What our delegates said:

“Enjoyed all speakers and sessions that I went to – very relevant and pertinent, full of practical ideas from start to finish”

“Language Trends – enlightening for a non-state school delegate!”

“Well organised. Nice to see lots of small exhibitors with interesting ideas. Found the talks inspiring and sessions also contained useful ideas”

“This conference was excellent and the choice of speakers inspiring”

“Buzzing, busy, beautiful people! Loved it!”

“All the sessions I attended were very informative and inspirational. Thank you, as always, for organising such a great conference

“It was a lovely atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues to really reflect on our practice – thank you!”

“Always one of the highlights in my conference diary!”

“This was my first language conference and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely be going again next year!”

“The themes that ran through the conference – joining up and CLIL – were particularly apposite. The event is a definite must for meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones”

“As a PGCE student and person who is new to the profession, I found the conference delightful, engaging and energising. I was only going to come for one day but the quality of the talks and chance to socialise with like-minded professionals convinced me to stay on – a decision that I am very happy to have made!”

“Great buzz – very efficient and friendly atmosphere, packed with ideas”

“Brilliant talk bringing new curriculum to life”

“Always so well organised. Love the exhibition”

“Nice to see lots of small exhibitors with interesting ideas”

Language World 2013

What our delegates said:

“A great networking opportunity”

“Inspiring, entertaining and very enjoyable”

“A perfect length, great tips, brilliant presenters and loads of ideas to take away”

“The exhibition was very useful for meeting people and exchanging ideas”

“A great opportunity to learn about the current issues in language learning”

“Good to be part of a group of such inspiring people”

“As a head of department the whole conference and exhibition helped me come up with ideas to take my department forward”

“I’m a PGCE student. This conference has been the most inspiring, intellectually stimulating and practically beneficial event of my life to date!”

“I spent a lot of time in the excellent exhibition and collected many goodies for a course I’ll be running this year”

“I loved the selection of exhibitor stands and look forward to coming to Language World again in the future”

“I made useful contacts at the exhibition and have already followed up on them.”

Language World 2012

What our delegates said:

“I went away from each day with my head buzzing with ideas and I really felt like my passion for languages was reignited!”

“Wonderful experience to meet like-minded people and share their enthusiasm for languages“

“The conference was a really fantastic experience, a chance to meet teachers from around the country”

“This was a fantastic event from start to finish. The speakers were all clearly very passionate about their subject areas and provided a wealth of useful and interesting information… As a student teacher I felt welcomed and appreciated and would gladly recommend this event to colleagues in the future”

“Truly fabulous…! Everyone was very generous about sharing resources and gave some excellent ideas for lesson planning”

“I very much enjoyed the opportunity to get some “teaching tips” from the experts and share experiences with other PGCE trainees”

“It gave me some good ideas for my own classes which were certainly out of the box”

“A valuable experience which opened my eyes up to things I had not considered in my teaching practice”

”All speakers were inspiring and professional and generous with sharing their ideas”

“It was very encouraging to be with like-minded people who value the importance of language teaching and want it improved”

“I got many ideas from the sessions that I will be putting into my teaching career and I also got some free resources that were highly appreciated”

“I found all the sessions and speakers very interesting and useful. The talks were very inspirational and there were many excellent practical strategies shared on teaching languages in the classroom.”

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The story of Language World 2016

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