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Our Russian Network supports teachers and students of Russian. Would you like to help us to champion the Russian language?

Our Language Networks operate remotely and virtually (but still actively) to promote the interests of teachers of a particular language. They could be planning a one-off event, such as a seminar, Teachmeet or Language Day; setting up a competition for learners of their language; working with an ALL Branch, Network or Primary Hub to put on a shared event, keeping teachers updated on developments in their language or anything that teachers of the language or their learners would benefit from. Whatever needs doing! But whatever does need doing relies on enthusiasts to champion it and take it forward.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us for more information.

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What we offer to everyone:


Find resources, advice and guidance on teaching Russian for language teachers, language coordinators and head teachers.


Check out our Pinterest pages on Russian and Russian Festivals.


Explore our range of national and international projects for teachers.

What we offer for ALL members:

Russian Zone

An entirely interactive and interconnected archive on Russian language teaching practice.


Discover challenges and competitions for your Russian learners

Information & useful links:

Email fora

The Russian Teachers’ Group hosts training events for teachers of Russian, provides resources, and advertises Russian events that happen in the UK.

Scotland-Russia Forum

The Scotland-Russia Forum promotes interest in Russia and its neighbours in order to improve understanding of those countries in Scotland.

Upcoming events for Russian teachers

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Getting involved

ALL supports and represents different groups of language teachers in the UK, with the help of volunteers around the country.


Find out about training and CPD events for Russian teachers

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News for Russian teachers

Language skills are ‘more vital than ever’

Language skills are ‘more vital than ever’ if the UK is to remain ‘outward looking’ and ‘open for business’ in the run up to Brexit, new British Council research has revealed. In a survey of over 2,000 UK adults, the majority saw the ability to speak foreign languages...

The UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016

Both the UK and Russia have widely-spoken languages and rich literary traditions, with a deeply held respect for each other’s culture and literature. The UK-Russia Year of Language and Literature 2016 is a joint celebration of written and spoken culture which aims to...

UK Schools Pushkin Competition 2016

The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute is holding a competition with the support of the British Council as a part of the Russia-UK Year of Language and Literature 2016. The competition will be conducted online, in English, from 05 Oct – 15 Dec 2016, on the...