Language Futures

Language Futures is an exciting initiative for creative primary and secondary schools interested in developing languages beyond the classroom. It works in tandem with the languages provision already in place in school, and is not designed to ‘teach’ a language, but to equip students with the skills to develop as independent learners supported by school, home and a language proficient mentor from the community. It can help schools to:

  • broaden language provision
  • improve language provision through transferable skills
  • promote linguistic diversity
  • create autonomous and informed language learners
  • increase motivation and engagement
  • provide opportunities for More Able, Gifted and Talented pupils
  • celebrate pupils’ home languages
  • develop links with the wider community
  • increase creativity and cross-curricular links through project-based learning
  • explore opportunities for curriculum innovation
  • maximise the time devoted to primary languages.

Motivation and engagement are key to the approach with learners not only choosing the language they wish to learn, but also exercising choice in elements of what and how to learn. The class teacher acts as a facilitator of language learning rather than a teacher of a specific language by creating the conditions for students to manage their own learning processes and supporting them to learn collaboratively with their peers.

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