Language Learning Journal (LLJ)

Language Learning Journal (LLJ) is ALL’s flagship research journal, published on our behalf by Routledge.

Language Learning Journal

It provides a forum for scholarly contributions on current aspects of foreign language and teaching.

LLJ is an international, peer-reviewed journal that is intended for an international readership, including foreign language teachers, language teacher educators, researchers and policy makers.

Contributions, in English, tend to assume a certain range of target languages.

These are usually, but not exclusively, the languages of mainland Europe and ‘Community Languages'; other languages, including English as a foreign language, may also be appropriate, where the discussion is sufficiently generalisable.

The following are key areas of interest:

  • Relationships between policy, theory and practice
  • Pedagogical practices in classrooms and less formal settings
  • Foreign language learning/teaching in all phases, from early learners to higher and adult education
  • Policy and practice in the UK and other countries
  • Classroom practice in all its aspects
  • Classroom-based research
  • Methodological questions in teaching and research
  • Multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • New technologies and foreign languages

The latest news from LLJ

The Language Learning Journal continues to go from strength to strength.

With the move from two to three issues a year, LLJ has started to run regular Special Issues alongside ‘ordinary’ issues. The Special Issues allow for the exploration of key issues in some depth which in 2010 are Foreign Languages in Primary as well as language policy and practice in South Africa. Many of the articles of Part 2 of the Special Issue on Foreign Languages in the Primary school touch on the challenges of ‘transition’ between primary and secondary sectors. The forthcoming second part of the Special Issue on South Africa explores issues of language policy and practice in higher education.

One recent exiting new development is the introduction of iFirst on the journal website at www.tandf.co.uk/journals/rllj and www.snipurl.com/thellj through which readers can access copy-edited and typeset articles accepted for publication before they are assigned to a particular issue of the journal.

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Submitting Articles to the Language Learning Journal

The Language Learning Journal is published on our behalf by Routledge.

You can find more information about the LLJ and details about how to submit articles on Routledge's website. The contact email address is authorqueries@tandf.co.uk. You can also find information about the editorial board here.

More information about LLJ:

Hear editors Norbert Pachler, Douglas Allford, Elspeth Broady talk about ALL's Language Learning Journal, published by Routledge: www.educationarena.com/expertInterviews/interviewcategory6/rllj.asp


LLJ abstracts, April 2009 - Issue 37 Number 1

Published: 24th Aug 2010

Beginner's progress in decoding L2 French 

Robert Woore

Some longitudinal evidence from English modern foreign languages classrooms. 


'Value added' modern languages teaching in the classroom

Hazel Crichton

An investigation into how teachers' use of classroom target language can aid pupils' communication skills. 

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