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Russian Language Zone

Russian Language Zone

Rusistika is the Language Zone for teachers of Russian at all levels and in all sectors, available to ALL members. Its aim is to explore a wide variety of topics, including linguistic, literary, cultural, political and pedagogic contributions of interest to teachers of all levels of Russian teaching (from beginners through to graduates) and in all sectors (in schools, HE and FE). Contributions submitted to Rusistika are peer reviewed and published online subject to approval by independent referees.

Rusistika features articles in Russian and in English, with subjects such as developments in the Russian language; Literature, including recent works; aspects of contemporary Russian society; news of exchanges, competitions and forthcoming events; ideas for stimulating and enriching the teaching of Russian at all levels; contributions from current students about their experiences studying Russian and from graduates in Russian about their subsequent careers; and reviews of publications about Russia and the Russian language, and of resources for teaching Russian.

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