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Welcome to the Italian resources page – providing new ideas and materials for primary teachers.

These resources have been chosen by members of the DfE Expert Panel and members of the ALL Primary Special Interest group as ones that have been used in their own schools. They include a variety of commercial as well as non-commercial resources, publications, free websites and online materials for developing cultural awareness.

The DFE Expert Panel was set up to oversee the National Curriculum review back in 2011.

ALL does not recommend or endorse particular resources.

Italian cultural information and resources

Euroclub Schools

Information, worksheets and quizzes about festivals, food, people, monuments and more.

Navidad Digital

Spanish, Italian and German Christmas carols!

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Advice for primary teachers

Advice & guidance for teachers of languages in the primary sector.

Advice for language coordinators

Advice & guidance for language coordinators in the primary sector.

Advice for head teachers

Advice & guidance for head teachers & governors in the primary sector.