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Advice and guidance for primary language teachers

This section is intended for those teaching languages in the primary school, whether you are completely new to language teaching or an experienced practitioner.

The Association offers information, guidance, peer-to-peer support and CPD events to primary and secondary language teachers through its professional networks around the country.

You may wish to consider setting up or being part of a Primary Hub, ALL’s support groups for teachers of primary languages.

Visit the Primary Head Teacher’s page to learn about:

  • Statutory guidance for languages
  • Carrying out a languages audit
  • Advice on introducing and developing primary languages
  • Transition
  • Assessment
  • Advice on introducing and developing primary languages
  • Language specific support
  • Advice on Integrated Language Learning
  • Recommendations for further guidance.

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Visit the Primary Language Co-ordinator’s page to find out about:

  • Programmes of Study and assessment guidance
  • Assessment tools
  • ALL Connect resources
  • Commercial resources and schemes of work
  • Information on professional networks for teachers, run by ALL and other organisations

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Primary Hubs

Find an ALL Primary Hub near you


View the Resources page for language specific resources


View the Initiatives page for more inspiration and language project updates

Corporate Members

View ALL’s Corporate Members: language resource and service providers

Peer support for primary language teachers, offered by ALL

ALL offers an open access primary languages discussion list – free to join!

Primary languages JISCMAIL discussion group  brings together teachers, academics and researchers, teacher trainers and other language practitioners to exchange practical ideas, experiences and research about learning and teaching languages at primary level.


ALL offers an open access languages discussion list, with a broad focus – free to join!

Languagesnet JISCMAIL is a discussion group to connect academics, qualified and trainee teachers, teacher trainers, language practitioners and researchers to exchange information, share best practice and build understanding and co-operation across a range of educational sectors, with  a specific focus on languages.



Other sources of peer support

Talkabout Primary MFL wiki

A place to support those starting out on teaching primary languages and share some free resources (and experiences) between KS1 and KS2 teachers of French, German, Spanish and other languages


Join the MFL twitterati – ask a question and somebody will help you!

Research informed practice

The Professional Development Consortium in Modern Foreign Languages (PDC in MFL) gives teachers access to eight key principles of teaching and learning languages, which are based on research evidence.  The Consortium was set up by researchers at the University of Reading Institute of Education and University of Oxford Department of Education. It is made up of classroom language teachers, teacher trainers and researchers in England. All languages teachers, ITE tutors and other language professionals are welcome to join in the Consortium’s work by joining a local cluster, and/or having a go at one or more of the suggestions on their site. Learn more

Free training, resources and themed wikis to support KS2 and KS2/3 transition

Access our ALL Connect resources written for teachers by teachers, to address the new languages programmes of study, via a range of themed modules.

There are opportunities to use resources shared by fellow teachers in four special themed wikis which were created as part of the initiative, which continue to thrive.

Please use them and contribute your own resources too. It’s good to share!

ALL Connect initiative


Language practice for teachers who are non-specialist language learners



Vocabulary extension in a range of languages.



French pronunciation practice for teachers or students


French Yabla

French Yabla

An online video magazine for French learners who wish to improve their language skills.



Using ‘mems’, snippets of imagination and humour for vocabulary extension in a range of languages.

Primary French Project - Institut français

The Primary French Project

The French cultural institute in London offers training and free materials and lesson plans, with sound files, to help teachers and schools to make a confident start in teaching French.