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CODA (Consolidation, Outcomes, Dissemination, Agency) was a one-year project implemented by a consortium of five European partner institutions, including the Association for Language Learning and Nottingham Trent University in the UK.  It ran from 2013-2014, was funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the EU Commission and built on two previous projects led by Nottingham Trent University: ALLEGRO (2002-2005) and VIVACE (2006-2009).

Starting from the assumption that all EU citizens, regardless of social status, disadvantage or disability, have a right to share in the vision of a united and multilingual Europe, these award-winning projects brought language learning to disadvantaged groups of all kinds.

About the resources:

Free, open access professional development materials are available online including:

  • best practice guidance on inclusive language learning for teachers of adults, primary and secondary teachers
  • guidelines, help and advice for social care providers on the teaching of languages.