What are regional lists?


Our regional lists are email distribution lists which ALL uses to mail to members living or working in specific regional areas.

Our mailing lists are used by our local member network leaders to let you know the latest ALL event and training details, happening in your area, without the need to access your personal details.

Unlike other lists which are for discussion, the regional lists operate in a different way as a means of notifying ALL members about one of their core member benefits - what is going on in a local region.
If you were to reply to a message sent through a regional list, this would be received by the member network leader only.

Local member network leaders use the lists to keep members fully updated about events, training and opportunities hosted by ALL local branches, networks or primary hubs.

The ALL office automatically allocates members to a regional list according to their postcode.
However, you may join any additional regional list you wish.

For example, you live near the Derbyshire border, so you are automatically on the East Midlands list, but you work in Yorkshire and would be interested in hearing about events and opportunities promoted on the Yorkshire list.  

How to join an additional list:

Click the link below for the region whose list you would like to join, and, on the new page which opens up, look left, and click 'subscribe or unsubscribe' as appropriate.

Don't miss out on free or low cost training in your local area!

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