Getting involved

Getting involved in what we do

ALL as an organisation dedicates its resources into supporting and representing language teachers in the UK, with the help of volunteers – language professionals who are passionate about language learning and teaching.

Could you be one of them?


ALL in your area

There are over 60 local ALL groups around the country run by dedicated volunteers, serving the ALL community through training, conferences, workshops and networking events.

Would you like to be one of our local volunteers? To get involved, contact your local ALL group, or read more about setting up a new ALL local group.


ALL about your language

ALL’s Language Networks promote the interests of teachers of a particular language keeping teachers updated on developments in their language.

Would you like to be one of our language volunteers? To get involved, find out what ALL does for individual languages.


ALL about your sector

Our Special Interest Groups focus on broader areas and sectors of language teaching – currently: primary, initial teacher education / training, secondary, CLIL and decolonising the curriculum.

Would you like to join one of our Special Interest Groups? To get involved, find out what ALL does for different sectors.


ALL about projects

ALL participates in national and international project work, bringing members’ expertise and experience to bear on developments in new approaches to language learning or in the production of new resources to support language teaching and learning.

Would you like to boost your skills by participating in one of our projects? If so, click here to find out more about ALL’s project work.

ALL about your publications

ALL publishes various publications for language teachers, written by practising teachers from all educational sectors and all those interested in learning and teaching languages in the UK and beyond – and we welcome contributions from ALL members!

Would you like to write for one of our publications? To get involved, please contact us.


ALL in action

We believe that it is important to respond as a community to issues which concern the teaching of languages, and that by doing this, we can shape the future of our profession.

Would you like to help us? To get involved, please contact us.