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    ALL exists to support and represent language teachers in the UK. It is a huge task and your help really makes a difference. That’s why we ask your permission to write and let you know from time to time of all the different ways we can help one another as ALL members. However, if you would rather not hear about these opportunities from ALL and wish to receive only membership benefits and membership updates from ALL, you are welcome to let us know at any time, or by selecting “Membership mailings only” from the drop down list below now.

    From time to time we may consider sharing our mailing list information with other not-for-profit organisations in languages education. However, if you would prefer us not to disclose your contact information to any other organisation, please let us know at any time, or by selecting “Only Assoc Lang Learn mailings” from the drop down list below now.

    Please note: Mass mailings may end up in your junk folder. Please allow mailings from ALL.

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