Contacting ALL members in your region

Local group leaders have access to email lists of current ALL members with a postal address in their region. To find out more about how these lists are operated, and how you can use the lists to promote events to ALL members in your region, please contact the ALL office.

Resources for your local events

The ALL office can support your events through providing membership forms, flyers and sample copies of ALL publications. To order these, complete the online form. Then send an email to the ALL office to let staff know you have placed an order. Please allow plenty of time for your order to be processed - 2-4 weeks in advance of your event taking place.

Place your order here.

Branch & Network and Primary Hub Roadshows

The 'Roadshows' are presentations to update local groups on news from ALL, events and projects of interest, along with sector news and resources of interest. Local ALL groups can access the presentations to share with their local group attendees. Please note that the links are to pdf files where the speaker notes are converted to text annotations and can be viewed by toggling to a separate layer on the pdf.

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