PowerLanguage courses have been supporting teachers in Scotland since 2016. Most primary practitioners teach at least one additional language as part of the Scottish Government 1+2 policy for languages.

Courses for Primary Teachers in French and Spanish: Stimulating and engaging professional development for teachers!
These courses target Primary School teachers who have limited or no knowledge of the language they have to teach. Practitioners can learn at their own pace. Each course is structured around 12 lessons, and contains a mixture of videos, animations and PowerPoints narrated by native speakers.  To teach is to learn twice!   Apply your new skills directly to your class – at the end of each lesson, teachers are asked to apply what they have learned by teaching it to their pupils. Ready to use resources for the class are therefore also included in the course.

Cost: The teacher’s courses currently cost £97 per teacher for a 2 year licence. There is a special discount for ALL members: £80 for a 2 year subscription bought before or at the ALL Language World Conference on 22-23 March 2019.

Courses for Schools: Exemplify Lifelong Learning to your pupils!  Languages available are French, German, Spanish and Mandarin
This course is suitable for complete beginners – teachers and pupils alike! Teacher and pupils learn at the same time, following a clear linguistic progression. The teacher guides the class and manages the pace of learning. All videos, animations and other resources can be used directly in class.  Teacher notes are designed to give teachers additional linguistic and cultural information and to guide them through the activities.  Every lesson also has a podcast or an animation linked to a cultural element and there is a fun quiz attached to each podcast.

At the end of each lesson, challenges have been created. They help learners apply their newly acquired knowledge, reinforce the learning and work as a way to assess progress.  Additional activities which can be completed in school or at home have also been created. This reinforces the link between home and school and makes the learning more meaningful.  Each level consists of 6 lessons. You can go through these lessons at a pace that suits you and your learners. The 6 lessons should cover approximately 12 hours.  The course for schools cost £97 per school, for a 3 year licence. Explore the courses further through the video link or watch the result of the pilot project in Mandarin.

For further information including booking courses, explore the PowerLanguage website or email the PowerLanguage team.

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