Having been delighted by the energy and enthusiasm for all things languages during their Immersion Course this year, the LFEE team are inviting MFL teachers to join them in 2018.

The courses are designed to top up knowledge of French or Spanish, as well as skills in language methodology. The Immersion Course aims to explore various methods of teaching of modern languages, improve competence and performance in French or Spanish, extend knowledge of internet and other ICT resources for use in language learning and teaching, develop cultural awareness and provide participants with materials and ideas suitable for the teaching of modern languages.

A participant from 2017 has described the Immersion Course as “one of the best things I have done in recent years.”

Funding is available through the European Union Erasmus+ Programme and covers all expenses including travel, accommodation, subsistence and course fee.

Teachers can pre-register now for courses starting in July 2018. More information on LFEE courses can be found here.


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