For over 35 years languages publisher La Jolie Ronde Languages for Children has been a unique platform for introducing early years and primary aged children to a second language. As one of the major UK providers of French and Spanish language learning, La Jolie Ronde is committed to keeping their programmes and resources current and up-to-date within today’s market, ensuring specialist and non-specialist teachers ‘stay well ahead’ in primary languages.

La Jolie Ronde are delighted to announce their award winning Structured Programme has now being revised and updated to make it even bigger and better than ever.  The Structured Programme is used as part of the curriculum in hundreds of top UK prep schools, taught across the world including the USA, Indonesia, Australia, South America, Africa, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Japan plus taught through weekly extra-curricular French and Spanish classes delivered by a network of over 560 tutors.

The Structured Programmes offers the opportunity for primary aged children to enjoy a positive and enjoyable language learning experience which will give them confidence when they approach modern languages in the secondary school. The course has been designed to take that transition into consideration. The Programme is up to date within today’s market and recent improvements include:
• More appealing content for pupils
• Larger number of songs and stories
• Modern up-to-date characters
• Words to accompany the flash cards
• Brand new colourful pupil books
• 4 audio CDs and a resource DVD containing digital audio tracks and 100s of printable images

Although the La Jolie Ronde course is for children aged 5 to 11 years, for children aged 11+ who wish to continue learning French and Spanish, La Jolie Ronde has now introduced On y va! and ¡Vamos! as follow ups to Mon tour de France and Mi viaje por España. These fun and structured programmes can be used alongside regular MFL classes at secondary school and will help pupils to confidently progress to a higher level of listening, speaking, reading and writing the French and Spanish language.

To find out more, contact La Jolie Ronde’s Schools Department on 01949 839715 or email quoting ALL.

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