Dear ALL Teacher,

The annual Language Perfect Northern Championships start on November 6!
Do you have all your students registered? This is a FREE event, so you are welcome to register as many students as you wish!

If your students already have a current Language Perfect logon, then they are automatically registered and ready to go! There is nothing further that you need to do for them to take part in this exciting global event for Languages.

If you have additional students who would like to take part in this event, but do not have a current Language Perfect logon please:
1. Register them via this link.
2. Then follow this process to send in their names for registration.
It’s a simple, free and fun way to engage your students and inspire them to achieve on a global scale!

If you have any questions or wish to speak with one of our Team Members for ideas on how you can support your students to achieve their competition goals, please email.

Register for the LPNC!

A few things to remember with this particular event:

• The LP Northern Championships run from November 6th to 13th, 2018.
• Competition begins and ends at 6pm NZT, visit World Time Server to calculate when the competition will begin and end in your region.
• There is no cost for this event – entry is included for Language students who already subscribe, but you are welcome to register additional classes/students (in any subject area) for this competition at no extra charge.
• Certificates are not generated for this competition – we can provide you with a template should you wish to generate your own awards for your students.
• The event is only open to schools in the Northern Hemisphere.
• Don’t forget to bookmark the official information page and scoreboard.
• If you have any students currently studying ESOL who would like to participate in this competition, please register here.

Are your students ready to take on the rest of the Northern Hemisphere? Good luck!

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