Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Consumption: Why our everyday choices matter’

Applications are now open for young people from the UK and Germany to take part in the Youth Seminar ‘Sustainable Consumption: Why our everyday choices matter’. The seminar will take place in Berlin from 1 – 4 November 2019 and will bring young people from the UK and Germany together to compare everyday consumer habits, explore the wider theme of sustainability and consider the challenges of living sustainably.  The seminar is organised by UK-German Connection in collaboration with the British Embassy in Berlin.  German language skills are not required.  For more information and to apply, please explore the website.

Youth seminar ‘Peacing it Together 2’ 

Are your pupils interested in the role of intercultural youth relations in peace-building and creating a shared future? Are they keen to explore themes surrounding growing up in a post-conflict society with young people from Northern Ireland and Germany?  Run by UK-German Connection and NICILT, ‘Peacing it Together 2’ will take place in Leipzig from 7-10 November 2019.  Highlights include:

  • trips to historical sites of interest in Leipzig and Berlin
  • workshops with input from local experts
  • experiencing some of the Peaceful Revolution anniversary celebrations

For further details, pease explore the website.

Seminars are free, apart from a very small fee to confirm participation. The deadline for applications for both seminars is 16 September.

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