ALL Connect is ALL's CPD programme for teachers of languages at KS2 and KS3, which was introduced in September 2014, following receipt of grant funding from the DfE. Originally designed as a taught programme across numerous themed modules, ALL Connect was written by teachers for teachers, to deliver in a number of local areas. The local schools where ALL Connect was delivered in 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years formed part of three regions in the first year: Eastern Region, Northeastern Region and North Midlands Region.

In Year 2, the boundaries for the Northeastern region extended further to include Durham, Sunderland and Saltburn. In the North Midlands, KS2 and KS3 programmes were delivered in Northamptonshire, and KS3 in Leicestershire.  Additionally two KS3 programmes ran in centres in West Yorkshire.  Year 2 capitalised on the materials developed in year one and saw the further development of a KS2 Co-ordinator's Handbook, and an associated module, as well as a KS2/3 Transition Toolkit and accompanying module.

The formal training programme for ALL Connect concluded in summer 2016.  However, ALL's member network leaders and any other language teachers are welcome to use the materials to train colleagues at local events or in their own schools. Please reference the origin of the materials if you choose to use them and note that these are open access materials. If you require any assistance, then please do contact us.

One of the legacies of the ALL Connect initiative is the themed wikis which were developed to sit alongside themed modules. The wikis are freely available and are aimed at teachers of KS2 and KS3 languages.  If you use the wikis, please contribute to this resource so that it becomes a living legacy of the ALL Connect initiative.

The ALL Connect resources for each of the themed training modules can be found on the ALL Connect blog.

There are PowerPoint presentations (modules) and then follow-up activities for teachers to pursue in their own time, which provide further examples of activities or extend the learning covered in the module. Wherever possible the languages of example throughout the ALL Connect initiative have been French, German and Spanish.


Want to know more about the KS2 modules before visiting the blog?



KS2 Grammar

KS2 Speaking

KS2 Writing

KS2 Progression

KS2/3 Transition

KS2/3 Transition Toolkit

KS2 Co-ordinator's Handbook


Want to know more about the KS3 Modules before visiting the blog?

KS3 Literature

KS3 Spontaneous Speaking

KS3 Grammar

KS3 Translation

KS3 Extended Writing


Want links to the individual ALL Connect wikis?

ALL has created new interactive wikis allowing teachers to upload examples of their own resources for each module, and providing further support materials for colleagues in KS2 and KS3:

ALL Grammar wiki

ALL Speaking wiki

ALL Writing and Translation wiki

ALL Progression and Transition wiki

ALL Literature wiki (which opened in 2014)

“I certainly have enjoyed delivering the ALL Connect programme. It has been a great success and has reached far and wide with its influence. The materials were incredibly well written and have given all who attended invaluable insight into policy and practical advice alike.  We have established our own network to carry on the good work post-training too. I would like to say thanks for the opportunity as I have gained a great deal from it also.”

Lead Teacher who delivered the ALL Connect training programme

“Just a word of thanks to ALL – I have thoroughly enjoyed delivering the programme. The resources have been clearly and extremely well put together and the sessions so far have gone really well – feedback has been very positive!
It has been a great experience for me and I’ll be sad when it is all over!  Delegates who have attended my sessions have been very good at contributing to all aspects of each session and it has been a great opportunity not only to inform ourselves but also to make contacts with staff in other schools.”

Lead Teacher who delivered the ALL Connect training programme

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