Language World 2005 was at the University of Kent at Canterbury, 01-03 July 2005.

ALL President Barry Jones emphasised “Creating Opportunities”, to enhance teaching & learning, through ICT, innovation, motivation and cross-curricular work.

LW2005The LW2005 Plenary speakers were Kate Green, Lid King, Peter Medgyes, Isabella Moore and Richard Johnstone.

The conference lasted for three days, with no major talks just a multitude of sessions that included the following:
• Smoothing the way – transition issues from KS2 to KS3, James Hegedus, Curriculum Leader for ML and Helen Kent, PMFL Co-ordinator;
• An alternative to GCSE: NVQ Language Units combined with ICT, Eva Lamb, Language College Director;
• Starting a lesser-taught language at your school, Sarah Theyer, Meadowhead School;
• Language learning strategies in action, Vee Harris, Goldsmiths College and Kate Scappaticci, St. Thomas More School; and
• Ways in which you can humanise your language textbook, Mario Rinvolucri, teacher trainer, writer and editor of ‘Humanising Language Teaching’.

In 2005 there was also a Motivation Conference preceeding Language World, and a presentation of the ‘Shoot-Out Challenge’ demonstrating a cross-curricular sports and language campaign in the lead up to the World Cup 2006, along with the Language World dinner, wine tasting and Collins drink reception.

Elsewhere, Live 8 concerts took place around the world to highlight the Make Poverty History campaign and the International Olympic Committee announced that the 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London.

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