A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2013/14.


Autumn 2013

LT15 CoverThis issue was about language and identity…

We reported on disappearing languages around the world and the UK’s changing linguistic identity. We investigated a project empowering bilingual youngsters by encouraging them to share stories, literature and songs from their home language and culture, and explored the award-winning HOLA initiative in Sheffield which accredits and adds value to students’ home languages.

We followed a complementary school teacher for a day in her life, and five teachers from two multilingual schools, Wyvil Primary School and Lambeth Academy in London, shared their top ten tips for celebrating students’ home languages. Richard Hardie from UBS Ltd in London told us why he thinks there are significant economic, cultural and social advantages in developing community languages.

Find out more about how Great Britain benefits from its diverse culture and languages in our features section.


Spring 2014

LT16 Cover“Language is the path to understanding other ways of living, which in turn opens up the space for intercultural communication. The ability to understand and communicate in other languages is a right and a basic skill for all European citizens.” (Commission of the European Communities (2003) Promoting Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity: An Action Plan 2004-2006)

This issue of Languages Today explored inclusive language learning.

We discovered how language learning is blossoming among students with special educational needs, and got some tips on methodology for your classroom. We spoke to Claire Leong, who is preserving indigenous languages and teaching English to remote Aboriginal communities in Australia; to Angela Jackson, who is teaching languages to disadvantaged children in New York City; and to the CODA team, who have brought languages to ‘difficult to reach’ learners. Closer to home, we heard about using languages to boost literacy and improve behaviour; and about raising aspirations among learners who are statistically less likely to study languages at GCSE… and lots more!


Summer 2014

LT17 CoverThis issue of Languages Today was all about language learning and travel: about the importance of student mobility, about the Student Ambassadors trailblazing this message across the country, and about the younger students they are inspiring to follow them into further language study.

It’s also about the opportunities available for language teachers to travel, train and take theirstudents abroad, and about the new Erasmus+ scheme which aims to help them do just that.

And it’s also about the people who have had the opportunity to travel – and what it meant to them.



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