The ALL Council is chaired by the President of the Association. It is composed of twelve ALL members, who are elected from the membership and serve for a period of three years.  ALL’s elected Officers, and at least one Invited Trustee, who all serve on the Board of Trustees (ALL’s Management Board) also attend Council meetings.

The function of the Council is to:

  • Discuss and inform the Association’s policies and strategies.
  • Contribute to the future development of the Association, helping to deliver some of ALL’s strategic objectives.
  • Consider proposals for new activities and make recommendations to the Board.

From September, we will welcome two new Council members:

Jane Driver (Assistant Principal at Queen Katharine Academy in Peterborough) and Duncan Broe (Head of Languages at Myton School in Warwickshire).

“I am delighted to welcome Jane and Duncan as new members of the ALL Council from September and am looking forward to working with them. They both bring a wealth of experience to the role” (Jane Harvey, President of ALL).

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