Secondary colleagues will have heard previously of the award-winning Erasmus+ project THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN through ALLNet, but may not know of its usefulness in the Secondary phase.

It is a game designed for Primary-age language learners which also produces data for teachers on the children’s skills and achievement in Reading, Listening and Writing (and separately Speaking).  The current partner project is to encourage teachers to create and share activities in the style of the TLM game to share on the website. A number of activities useful also in Secondary are already available in a variety of languages under the tab ‘Shared resources’ or via a link from the website.

Secondary teachers are also using the game in interesting ways:

  • As a baseline assessment for learners arriving in key stage 3 from a variety of feeder schools, especially if they are changing language. The game certifies and validates their primary learning and gives secondary teachers data on their achievement in the separate skills.
  • As a motivating progress-marker for EAL pupils : by choosing Test language and support language English teachers can gather information about progression.