As a participant you will take a collaborative role in the development of the research and will benefit from free training in research methods and in innovative language teaching.  The project team believe participating in this project will be of value to you in developing your professional expertise both as a language teacher and as an educational researcher, and will provide invaluable experience and knowledge to inform support for other schools, continuing professional development, and further pedagogic research and development.

The project will be conducted by a team of researchers from University of Oxford, University of Reading and University of Southampton.  The aim of the project is to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional approaches delivered in Year 7 French lessons.  The ultimate goal is to improve learners’ reading ability in French and their strategic language learner behaviour, with a view to positively influencing learner motivation and outcomes in French.  This is both timely and relevant given that reading in the target language has become increasingly important in both the National Curriculum and the revised GCSEs.

Only one Year 7 class from each school would be required to participate.

If you, or any of your MFL colleagues, are interested in taking part in this important research please contact the project team as soon as possible on:

The project team are looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Robert Woore (Oxford)
  • Suzanne Graham (Reading)
  • Alison Porter (Southampton)
  • Louise Courtney (Reading)

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