Advice and guidance for primary language coordinators

This page is intended for primary language co-ordinators. Here you can find information and advice to help you manage the teaching of primary languages in the curriculum, including schemes of work, recent publications and a selection of professional networks.

With the vast number of resources available on the internet, comes less quality and content control. It is always worth reviewing any resource before choosing it for your school or using it either for training or in the classroom.

The Association offers information, guidance, peer-to-peer support and CPD events to primary and secondary language teachers through its networks around the country. You may wish to consider setting up or being part of an ALL Primary Hub, ALL's support groups for teachers of primary languages.

Programme of Study and Assessment Guidance


Westdene TSA partner schools: user-friendly assessment tools for primary languages

The opportunity to learn a second language from the age of 7, in KS2, became compulsory in September 2014. Many excellent primary Languages programmes of study already exist in schools, but there is a now a need for a coherent yet versatile means of ongoing assessment which will chart pupil progress and provide a simple tool for continuous assessment across KS2 as well as transfer information about Year 6 pupils to pass on to secondary schools.

As part of the DfE funded Languages Support Programme, a group of Westdene TSA partner schools focused on developing
user-friendly assessment tools for primary languages. The group, comprising four primary schools and two secondary schools,
used both local and national frameworks (the Languages Ladder) as a point of reference.
They trialled the frameworks and guidance and have produced the following support materials for primary and secondary

  • Teacher Guidance
  • My Language Learning Record (blank version for pupils)
  • Languages Transition Information Form (blank version for year 6 teachers)

Download the materials in Word format         Download the materials in pdf format


Statement on Assessment in Modern Foreign Languages in primary schools

The Expert Subject Advisory Group (ESAG) for Modern Foreign Languages has created an advice document on Assessment in Modern Foreign Languages in primary schools. ALL’s Primary Steering Group has now put together a discussion guide 'Assessment for  ALL'  to allow individuals or groups of teachers to explore the issues raised.


Guide to assessment and progression

The Ensemble project created Languages Progression and Assessment at Key Stage 2. It outlines progression in languages in line with the expected outcomes per year, and identifies what teachers might expect children to be able to do when arriving in a particular year group.  ALL would like to thank Therese Comfort for sharing the document and ALL Primary Steering Group for editing and adapting it for wider use.

Key Stage 2 Languages Progression and Assessment


Commercial resources and schemes of work for language coordinators

Primary language resources and opportunities: resources and opportunities from the British Council.

The Catherine Cheater schemes of work in French and Spanish.

French, German and Spanish schemes of work for young beginners including interactive CD ROMs, big books and online teacher’s guides.

Online games, songs and stories in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and more.

Schemes of work for French and Spanish from Foundation to KS2.

Bilingual books, software and posters.

Children’s foreign language books and resources.

A series of multimedia resources to teach PE and Languages in primary schools in French, German and Spanish.

Learn about THE LANGUAGE MAGICIAN, a new interactive game for primary learners which aims to measure their progression in foreign languages.


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