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Rachel Hawkes

ALL Connect project team

The Association for Language Learning’s ALL Connect Project has been working hard to create free training materials for teachers to support the Languages Programmes of Study at Key Stages 2 & 3. The following modules were created in year 1 of the project, and are freely available from the ALL Connect Blog (allconnectblog.wordpress.com):

  • KS2 modules: on Grammar, Speaking, Writing & Progression
  • KS2/3 module: on Transition, and
  • KS3 modules: on Literature, Spontaneous Speaking, Grammar & Translation.

To these, two new modules have been added in year 2:

  • The KS2 Coordinator’s Handbook is specifically for KS2 languages coordinators in primary schools.  It sets out the expectations of the role of language coordinator, and subsequently aims to provide guidance, sample documentation and templates to support the work of the languages coordinator in: articulating a vision for language learning in the primary school; languages policy creation; curriculum planning and design; monitoring standards of teaching and learning; assessing and reporting progress; leading and developing other teachers of languages and raising the profile of language learning in the school and local community. We very much hope that it is of use to the primary languages teaching community at this exciting time of change and development in language learning in this country.
  • The KS2/3 Transition Toolkit is a practical, useful guide containing a set of ‘tools’, (ideas, strategies and resources), designed to inform the process of transition in languages teaching and learning between KS2 and KS3. The notion of transition is more broadly defined than the moment of transfer from Year 6 into Year 7, to include a better understanding of progression across the first seven years of language learning covered by the 2014 KS2 and KS3 Programmes of Study. It is clear that providing language learners with a continuous and positive learning experience depends on teachers sharing an understanding of how language learning is organised and unfolds over time in a local context. There are, therefore, parts of the toolkit devoted to ideas and suggestions for cross-phase collaboration, information sharing on, before and past the point of transfer, assessment in Year 7 and specific bridging projects. It is expected that these will be adapted by teachers to suit their own particular sets of circumstances. The toolkit also includes ideas, strategies and resources designed to expand KS2 and KS3 teachers’ understanding of the knowledge, skills and understanding outlined in the programmes of study. It details the key linguistic knowledge and skills that primary children develop during KS2, and explores the implications for teaching at KS3. These are the priorities for the first seven years of language learning in schools as we perceive them currently. The advantage of an online toolkit is that it can grow and adapt over time to reflect changing experiences and perspectives.

Both of these new resources were launched at Language World 2016, and you can find these, back up materials and training support materials on the ALL Connect Blog (allconnectblog.wordpress.com).

The ALL Connect project has also created new interactive wikis, which feature resources and activities created by the ALL Connect project team, together with those generously contributed by language teachers across the UK. These new wikis allowing teachers to upload examples of their own resources, and download further support materials created by ALL Connect to underpin the Languages Programmes of Study at Key Stages 2 & 3. These supplement and complement the training modules provided on the on the ALL Connect Blog. These new wikis are:

These join the existing ALL Literature Wiki: all-literature.wikidot.com, which was set up in 2014 with support from the Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Français (FIPF). The ALL Connect wikis are also intended as a standalone resources for any teacher to use, so have a look and please contribute!


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