Title: Collins French Club – Book 1

By:  Rosi McNab, Collins

Price: Paperback: £6.99

Website: http://tiny.cc/CollinsFrenchClub

Nadine Chadier

Primary language teacher and coordinator of ALL’s North London Primary Languages Hub

This colourful and funky illustrated book presents the French language to young learner in an interactive and structured way that meets the needs of all learning styles.

The CD, with wonderful French children talking and singing appeals to the learners straight away and engages their curiosity to explore the book and to discover exciting stickers and creative activities.

At every stage, the learner is invited to be a language detective, to discover how the French language is built and grammatical references are made in a simple and effective way in context with simple and clear explanations and playful exercises. I love its communicative approach, underlined by whole sentence analytical exploration and practice. As a French teacher I will use this book in after-school clubs and during my primary school lessons as well as recommend it to parents as a holiday activity to sing along in the car with the whole family!

I am certain that after finishing the first one, your children will beg you to get Book 2, by the same bestselling author Rosi McNab.


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