Title: Primary French Project

By: Association for Language Learning (ALL), Institut français du Royaume-Uni (IFRU) and the Network for Languages

Price: Free

Website: www.culturetheque.com

Catherine Cheater

Primary French Project Consultant

The Primary French Project provides free materials that aim to train all who teach French in Key Stage 2. The Primary French Project partners are the Association for Language Learning (ALL), Institut français du Royaume-Uni (IFRU) and the Network for Languages. Suitable for all practitioners, including those who have no prior knowledge of the language, to specialist linguists new to teaching children in Key Stage 2, the materials aim to train the teacher by providing the subject knowledge that is needed in order to meet the requirements of the Programme of Study for Languages in Key Stage 2. The materials are free to download from the Culturethèque website, but you do need to register on the site first, and also be logged in, in order to download. To register, go to www.culturetheque.com and click on “Connexion”. When logged in, click on the “learn” tab.

For primary teachers, there is niveau bleu (year 3) and niveau blanc (year 4), plus supplementary resources for CLIL and IT. Niveau rouge (year 5) and niveau tricolore (year 5) are still in development, and will be available on the website before September 2016. The primary materials include lesson plans and guidance to help the teacher understand the Programme of Study for Languages in KS2.

There are links to other curriculum areas, and particularly strong links with the Programme of Study for English. Teachers are encouraged to look at the DELF PRIM assessment materials at the end of Key Stage 2. See http://tiny.cc/DELFPRIM, and for further enquiries please contact Axelle Oxborrow at axelle.oxborrow@institutfrancais.org.uk. For secondary teachers, niveau multicolore provides a treasure-trove of resources to support transition and to provide continuity and progression between KS2 and KS3.

What do teachers think?

"If you're looking for a primary French course which can be used with equal ease by the specialist and non-specialist French teacher alike, then the Primary French Project is for you. The French taught is authentic, and carefully linked to French culture, which my mixed-ability classes have enjoyed absorbing alongside. All the language on the accompanying PowerPoint sequences is modelled by native speakers - providing great support for the less-confident practitioner. Connections are made with the current SPaG focus, so there is effective cross-curricular building on prior learning. My classes respond very positively to the materials, and I enjoy using them too."

Steve Roddison, MFL Lead, Rotherham LA

“I have been using your Primary French Project materials to teach French in my Bristol Primary School since September 2014. The children enjoy their learning as much as I enjoy teaching them, the materials tie in brilliantly with the literacy curriculum, and they are making good progress towards being confident and accurate French speakers: what more could I ask?”

Sarah Cartlidge, Teacher and Subject Leader (French), Cabot Primary School


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