Title: Primary Languages Starter Pack

By: British Council

Price: Free

Website: http://tiny.cc/PrimLangsPack

Nadine Chadier

Primary language teacher and coordinator of ALL’s North London Primary Languages Hub

The Primary Languages Starter Pack is not just an informative handbook for Language Assistants, but also an essential tool for mentors welcoming a native speaker into primary school as well as any adult involved in delivering primary languages.

The content is clear and very informative, with straightforward instructions and pedagogical steps to follow. It has also been written in clear English, so that it is easily accessible for non-English native speakers. Lots of teaching tips are shared as well as links to videos and further information freely accessible online.

The teaching methodology is thorough and sound, and gives a good starting point to support teaching of languages in the primary classroom. I would recommend the hardcopy to every Language Coordinator as it is user friendly, beautifully laid out and printed. I would also recommend it to experienced teachers as a CPD guide to teaching languages in primary, as it allows you to revisit some language teaching techniques and reminds you that you are on the right track!

It can also be downloaded by Language Assistants in advance of their trip to the UK, to help them prepare effectively for their year abroad. Knowing in advance what will be expected of them will be both reassuring and welcoming, but will also give them access to good practice and training.


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