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We are immensely grateful to our loyal and active members for their ongoing support of the Association for Language Learning. Our members get involved in many different ways and we would like to celebrate and highlight the great work and contribution they make.
Find out more below or visit our web page.

ALL volunteers make a fabulous extended team, contributing to opportunities locally for members, producing professional standard resources, sharing of practical ideas and advice, offering expertise and the views of experienced teachers in consultations, and supporting each other. The team is welcoming and inclusive!

Steven Fawkes, ALL Volunteer and Honorary Membership Officer

Did you know… there are over 60 local ALL groups, run by teachers for teachers to provide encouragement and support to peers and a sense of professional inclusion? ALL groups offer a warm welcome at local events. They facilitate discussion, networking, sharing of tips and resources, training and upskilling.

Read ALL Council member David Shanks’ blog on how engaging with ALL events has helped him in his career to date. ‘How becoming an active member of ALL can benefit you’.

Why not get involved in your local ALL Branch, Network or Primary hub – contact your local ALL group ,

Read more about setting up a new ALL local group.

Did you know… ALL publishes resources and publications for language teachers and many are written by ALL members from all educational sectors and career stages?

Why not become a guest blogger or submit a piece of action research? We welcome guest blogs on specific language learning and teaching matters. If you have a great idea to cascade on to others and would like to contribute a blog to the collection, then get in touch.

Learning from the Classroom is an initiative to share research and practice by teachers for the benefit of members. Find out more about sharing learning from your action research here.

Why not publish a target language article? ALL has sections of its website dedicated to content in the target language. Head to the Language Zones to see some examples. Fancy publishing a short blog, article or review in one of the following target languages? French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish. Get in touch if you have an idea you’d like to pursue.

For each of these opportunities contact us at

Did you know… ALL likes to keep up to date with the latest teaching and language learning tools/resources and our members offer their time to review these. Have a look at some of the reviews here
We are always on the lookout for volunteers to be involved in reviewing resources for Languages Today and the Language Zones.


Did you know… as a registered charity ALL doesn’t receive direct financial support from government? We principally rely on income from membership subscriptions and publication sales to fund our work. Donations enable us to expand our range of activities and extend our services even further. Your generosity could be used to directly support our educational activities. To find out more about how to make a donation, or how your kind donation can be augmented by making a Gift Aid declaration – click here.

We were very grateful to receive a generous gift recently from an anonymous donor who stated:-

I am encouraged by the extent of activity within the Association, that language teachers are still full of enthusiasm for their learners’ progress and for their languages and the personal/cultural enrichment these bring to the lives of individuals and British society generally. I hope this gift can support the work of the Association and of its volunteers in all spheres of their activity.

Did you know…leaving a legacy to ALL in your will is a wonderful way to pass on your love of languages and support of language learning to future generations?

A legacy left to ALL will help us to directly support language teachers in the classroom.

To find out more about how to leave a legacy click here.

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