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Languages Today

Languages Today is our member magazine, designed specifically for language teachers. It is free to members of the Association for Language Learning.

It contains news from the language teaching world; ideas to help with your teaching; reviews of teaching resources; and information about schemes and projects which may be of interest to you. We follow a day in the life of language teachers, trainers and people who use languages in their job, and we find out about how language skills are used in the workplace.


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This section comprises extra reference material. Accessible to ALL members only, and delivering an additional member benefit!

Esperanto: a contemporary lingua franca

Deak Kirkham, Teaching Fellow, Academic English for Business & Management and Linguistics Tutor at Leeds University Name some international languages (or ‘lingua francas’ as they’re sometimes called). English is likely to top most contemporary lists; other reasonable answers might include Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish, all of which are spoken in some sense across […]

The Big Idea – Resilience

Anna Lise Gordon, ALL President 2016-18   The Theory    What is resilience?   Neenan (2009: 3) describes resilience as an ‘intriguing yet elusive concept’ but there is no doubt that the concept has assumed greater significance in educational documents in recent years. Teachers are expected to develop resilient pupils with the ‘grit’ needed to […]

Approaches to assessment in KS2 and beyond

(This is an extended version of the article which appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of  Languages Today magazine, with additional references and exemplification) Introduction Two of the issues exercising colleagues in the ALL Primary Hubs and beyond are the vexed question of assessment, and what recording of pupil achievement and experience in key stage […]

Languages Today issues

Languages Today Issues 9 – 11: 2011-12

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2011/12.   Autumn 2011 For this issue, our language focus was on Mandarin: where, how and why it is being learnt in the UK, and what support is available to schools who would like to introduce it.  - We followed a...

Languages Today Issues 6 – 8: 2010-11

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2010/11.   Autumn 2010 Our September 2010 issue was dedicated to the Olympic & Paralympic Games in 2012, and what language teachers did to celebrate it:  - the projects being done in schools to link in with the...

Languages Today Issues 3 – 5: 2009-10

A summary of Languages Today magazine content in 2009/10.   Autumn 2009 Le Tour du GTP, the LAFTAs, and the Global Dimension - a taster of what was included in issue 3: - the European Award for Languages, the Nihongo Speech Contest, and Brian Page...

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