Theme of the fortnight:

This fortnight’s theme on our Language Zones is International Collaboration – featured articles include: Blogging from Germany, Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes (FIPLV), ’4 profs, 4 pays’: lessons from a four-way tele-collaborative writing project, La Fédération Internationale de Professeurs de Français (FIPF), Die Internationale Deutschlehrertagung (IDT) in Bozen, L’Association des Professeurs de Français pour L’Afrique et L’Ocean Indien change d’équipe et de stratégie and La fédération internationale des professeurs de français à la croisée des chemins. You can also find information about many of the national and international projects with which ALL is involved.

ALL international resources include:

ALL’s project work: ALL is a channel through which members can participate in national and international project work, bringing their expertise and experience to bear on developments in new approaches to language learning, the place of languages in the wider curriculum or in the production of new resources to support teaching and learning. You can find more information about these projects, and the free, open access resources they produced, on our website.

Languages Today: Our Summer 2014 issue looked at overseas CPD, Erasmus+, student mobility, exchanges and overseas placements.

Primary Subjects: is a publication offering the expertise of subject associations to primary classroom teachers in the form of an accessible publication. It consists of a series of pull-out articles, one for each national curriculum subject covered by the primary curriculum, and you can order copies of the issue on Engaging with Globalisation online.

Primary Projects Box: Designed by teachers for teachers, the Primary Projects Box contains five themed teachings units in booklet form, each with a multimedia CD and complementary web pages: ‘Our classroom and our school’, ‘Inside outside’, ‘Our wider world’, ‘Our changing world’, and ‘Our future world’, plus a teachers’ guide – ‘Teaching out of the box’. It’s perfect for primary teachers looking for great classroom ideas!

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