Theme of the fortnight:

The ALL Language Zones contain our five language publications – Francophonie, Deutsch Lehren und Lernen, Vida Hispánica and Tuttitalia, plus new and specially selected archive content – an entirely interactive and interconnected archive on language teaching practice. They also contain networking and information areas for each language: for cultural information, discussion, news and updates.

This fortnight’s theme on our Language Zones is Art, Design & Fashion – featured articles include: ‘L’Arte’ at Alphington Primary School: Discovering a new way in a Discovery Centre, Goya’s Inquisition: from black legend to liberal legend, Working with Picasso: a Year 10 course unit, and Nurturing intercultural understanding in young learners of French and English.

ALL’s art, design & fashion resources include:

Languages Today: Our brand new Autumn 2015 issue gets crafty with Clare Seccombe (on integrating craft and language activities); gets arty with Issac Greaves (on creating portraits using Spanish words) and gets fashionable with a host of languages and fashion projects:

  • Fashion & Languages: Routes into Languages: an adaptable, activity-based framework for teaching languages at KS3 combining language learning with fashion.
  • The Backstage project: Links into Languages: a project promoting the language skills required to promote, organise and run a virtual film, literary, music or arts festival; interview celebrities, provide reports and reviews.
  • Fashion International: Links into Languages: a project featuring work-based exercises and assignments focused on the international fashion industry, and tailored to students’ interest in fashion and popular culture.
  • Languages Live: Links into Languages: a range of home learning projects (such as producing plays, songs, puppet shows and creative artefacts) culminating in a ‘Languages Live’ event where students from five schools came together to share their work and celebrate languages.

The ‘Art’ of linking: Challenge and enjoyment through linking languages with art & design projects – with Curriculum Now.
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