Resources on progression and assessment from around ALL’s website and publications

Languages Today magazine:
The latest issue of Languages Today magazine looks at assessment strategies, progression and achievement in Key Stages 2 and 3, and innovative ways in which our colleagues are measuring progress.

Language Zones: The ALL Language Zones contain our five language publications – Francophonie, Deutsch Lehren und Lernen, Rusistika, Vida Hispánica and Tuttitalia, plus new and specially selected archive content – an entirely interactive and interconnected archive on language teaching practice. They also contain information areas for each language: for cultural information, news and updates. The Language Zones are only available to members of ALL.

ALL Progression resources include:

– Free CPD on progression: ALL’s ALL Connect project offers online training on major curriculum themes via the the ALL Connect Blog:

– Ideas to pick up & take away: on the ‪‎ALL Progression & Transition wiki.

Skills building: getting to the heart of skills development with Curriculum Now.

ALL London Webinars:

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