Please see below for a list of resources to help commemorate Remembrance Day with your pupils.  We hope you find these helpful.

Letters, postcards and memoirs

  • A collection of World War 1 letters and postcards in a range of languages can be found here.
  • Prisoner of war memoirs in German. The German department at Leeds University are currently translating a book of memoirs written by a German Prisoner of war held captive in Skipton.  The complete collection is hoped to be published in time to coincide with the centenary of the prisoners departure from Skipton in October 2019.  Extracts from the memoirs can be found on the project website here.  An online version in German of the book can be read here.

This is a great starting point for collaborating with your History and English departments on a World War 1 project.  This letter is a rich source of learning and provides a chance to approach a typical KS3/4 topic from a different angle.  For students who are interested in history, it is a way of showing that learning French gives them the chance to read source material in the original.

Resources include: Copy of the letter, copy of the letter with verbs underlined, page of activity ideas, page of translations, 10 ideas for exploiting a text.

An understanding of how people naturally switch between tenses.
An opportunity to compare the tenses.
Further study of the First World War in the target language.
Creative outcomes, such as a poem.
Compare the letter with a letter home written by an English soldier.
A better understanding of what life in the trenches was like.


An example of French Great War poetry.  Please find a copy of the poem with translation and ideas for activities and learning outcomes.

The extract is from a long poem written from the point of view of a French officer leading a night patrol in no-man’s land. This poem makes the students think about the individual soldier, and particularly the officer leading his men into mortal danger. The poet fought throughout the war and was killed by shrapnel in August 1914. Suggested ideas for activities and the poem can be found here.

General resources

  • Language specific Word War 1 resources

French resources

German resources

Italian resources


Details of funding available which can be put towards your remembrance events or activities can be found here.


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