Multilingual Performance Project

This initiative (part of the OWRI-funded Creative Multilingualism project) has produce resources and reports from language teachers which ALL members and other language teachers will enjoy ! Here are some extracts and the links to their blogs.

(MB MPP contribute to Languages Today  September 2020 edition)

The Birds in Birmingham

Did you know that corvids, the crow family, are native to every single continent, and found everywhere except the polar ice caps? Consider how many languages they must encounter throughout the world, how many different names they must have.

Imagine five nests, all belonging to different species of birds, all with their own unique language skill set, and primary school children being encouraged to meet them, join them, learn their language and teach the birds elements of their own home language…….. 

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Using drama activities in MFL lessons

I tried out two games with my Year 10 German class and Year 9 French class, both relatively low ability groups. I used the games of sevens, first using numbers, as it was introduced, and then playing the same game using a phrase I wanted the class to really get the hang of. German students perennially struggle to get the perfect tense right (in my experience) so we played the game using the sentence ‘Letzte Woche bin ich nach Stuttgart gefahren’ a sentence of exactly 7 words. In French we played ‘je ne m’entends pas bien avec mon père’. In both cases this appealed to both classes who are often restless and struggle to maintain focus on a task for long. 

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How I produced my first ever (multilingual) school play

In mid March an opportunity arose in school to produce a play to be shown to parents … I foolishly said that I might like to do something so now had to come up with a plan! Here’s how we went from idea to production….

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Some resources from the project:

Multilingual drama teaching activities are available here :

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