Reviews of resources available for secondary teachers

ALL regularly reviews a wide variety of resources that are available for the different sectors in language teaching and learning.  

Inside Government Modern Foreign Languages 2018 conference

Thanks to ALL Council Member and West of England Branch Chair Crista Hazell for reporting on the Inside Government Modern Foreign Languages 2018 conference An MFL conference is always exciting, the whole day committed to all things MFL, just brilliant! The national...

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Review:- Becoming an Outstanding Languages Teacher

Following on from co-authoring “The Language Teacher Toolkit” (2016), Steve Smith has written another excellent book packed full of practical and easy-to-implement language teaching ideas. The book is an accessible and informative read for new MFL teachers and more experienced practitioners should also find plenty here to make the purchase worthwhile.

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Review:-Modern Languages Film and Literature Study Guides

Whether you’re an experienced teacher who has taught literature and film before, or a ‘novice’ somewhat daunted by the requirements of the new A Level languages specification, the Hodder Modern Languages Study Guides are a superb resource for teachers and students alike.

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Review:- Employability for Languages: a handbook

This handbook is a timely and valuable contribution to the debate on the importance of languages, and will provide teachers with cast-iron research-led arguments for persuading students of the long-term value-added a language skill can bring to employability prospects.

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Review:- ThisisLanguage

We use ThisisLanguage with all of our KS4 students in French, German and Spanish, and occasionally at KS5. It is the mainstay of our ‘extra’ resources.

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Review:- The Transition Toolkit

The ALL Connect Transition Toolkit is the go-to resource for teachers at KS2 and KS3. It was successfully launched at Language World 2016 and contains example activities in French, Spanish and German.

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Review:- French Verbs & Tenses Explained

This useful book does more than the title suggests. Not only does it explain French verbs and tenses in a very clear and accessible way, but it also refers to the English verbs and tenses, so that the learner can relate to the familiar structures of English at every stage to deepen his/her understanding.

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Review:- Only Correct

Particularly for those teachers of a certain age, this book takes a nostalgic look back to teaching as it was before the National Curriculum, the wealth of health and safety regulations applicable to taking students out of school and before the Internet.

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Review:- Talk: Mandarin Chinese

Title: Talk: Mandarin Chinese Language: Mandarin By: Yu Feixia, Alwena Lamping, BBC Active Book/CD Pack Price: £15.99 Website:   There are reasons aplenty why Mandarin might be an attractive language to learn for youngsters and...

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