Title: French Verbs & Tenses Explained

Languages: French, Spanish and Italian

By:  Rosi McNab & Shelagh McNab, Thursday Publishing

Price: Paperback: £9.95

Website: http://tiny.cc/FrenchVerbsandTenses


Nadine Chadier

Primary language teacher and coordinator of ALL’s North London Primary Languages Hub

This useful book does more than the title suggests. Not only does it explain French verbs and tenses in a very clear and accessible way, but it also refers to the English verbs and tenses, so that the learner can relate to the familiar structures of English at every stage to deepen his/her understanding.

Translation is a skill required by the new curriculum, this approach helps to acquire it. Some focused and short exercises give an opportunity to put the concepts straight into practice in a genuine context with useful everyday sentences. Verbs are always the trickiest part for French learners to tame and master. There is a strong need for such a helpful guide, both for teachers of French (like myself) to recommend to their students and for independent learners from beginner level or for revision purposes. High frequency verbs are given special attention as well as a very thorough list of synonyms to enrich one’s writing.

Every higher GCSE student should have one on their shelves and it is a perfect revision guide to breach the gap and level out the students between GCSEs and A-levels at the beginning of the first term!

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