Title: The Language Teacher Toolkit

By: Steven Smith & Gianfranco Conti - Independent Publishing Platform

Price: Paperback £22.43

Website: http://tiny.cc/LangTeacherToolkit

Nadine Chadier,

Primary language teacher and coordinator of ALL’s North London Primary Languages Hub

The Language Teacher Toolkit is a treasure chest for every language teacher, whether new to the profession or not. The comprehensive 350 page volume is divided into 25 well-structured chapters where invaluable tips and tricks are backed up by the latest research on all subjects and the extensive teaching experience of both authors Steve Smith and Gianfranco Conti. This self-published book is a must - not only for trainee language teachers, but also for others to reference for inspiration and practical application in the classroom.

Exploring all types of learners and situations in an encouraging and clearly expressed language, every teaching question and context seems to be covered with a depth of thought, detail, logic, attention to detail, empathy and clarity.

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