We are delighted to announce the launch of a fantastic offer to both new members and those who choose to renew their membership in June, July and August 2019.  Those who are new or choose to renew will receive 5 permanent licences (per school) for Sanako’s Study Lite software as well as associated training materials.

The Sanako Study Lite is a specialist 2 track recorder designed specifically within the Modern Foreign Languages environment. It is versatile and simple to use making it a great asset in the MFL classroom making speaking and listening activities simple and intuitive.

Based on Sanako’s popular Study Range of interactive language laboratories, this recorder can also be used for independent speaking and listening activities along with oral assessments and image description activities saving all recordings in MP3 format.  As well as working with both audio and video files, Sanako Study Lite has colour coded voice recognition graph for intonation, bookmark and recap facilities, teacher and student track balance controls and of course the automatic voice insert facility for question & answer, role play and oral assessment routines.

“ I would welcome every ALL member to this opportunity to use the professional two track recorder for MFL, the SANAKO Study Lite. Playback a file or record your voice or automatically insert your responses to questions at the click of a button and save your work as an MP3 file” (David Binns, Director of UK operations, Sanako).

‘‘A fantastic offer to new joiners from ALL Corporate member, Sanako. New members will receive 5 permanent licences for Sanako’s Study Lite software as well as training materials which will really enhance their pupils Language Learning experience’’ (Jane Harvey, President, Association for Language Learning).

To JOIN, please explore the ALL website.

Please also explore an introductory video to the Study Lite MFL Recorder.

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