Upcoming Events

ALL runs events across the country, ranging from big national events like the annual Language World conference to small events for local networks.

Language World


Language World is ALL’s national conference for teachers of languages. Join your subject community to celebrate language teaching and learning!

Language World 2017

Language World 2016


ALL’s local groups, members and partners often run challenges and competitions for language learners in their local area, or at a regional or national level.

Latest competitions

German Teacher of the Year Awards 2018

German Teacher Award 2018 The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany has issued an invitation for nominations for the 2018 German Teacher of the Year Award. The winners will receive a personal prize and a certificate. The prizes will be presented during...

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German Olympics 2018

The German Olympics (IDO) is the biggest competition for the German language, with over 100 students meeting to compete every two years. The German Olympics will be coming to the UK for the second time, taking place from Friday 27 April to Saturday 28 July 2018....

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