Reviews of resources available for primary teachers

ALL regularly reviews a wide variety of resources that are available for the different sectors in language teaching and learning.  Reviews are conducted by highly experienced ALL members for the benefit of all.

Whilst pricing and distribution information is correct to the best of our knowledge, these details are subject to change.

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Review:- The Transition Toolkit

The ALL Connect Transition Toolkit is the go-to resource for teachers at KS2 and KS3. It was successfully launched at Language World 2016 and contains example activities in French, Spanish and German.

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Review:- ALL Connect

The Association for Language Learning’s ALL Connect Project has created free training materials for teachers to support the Languages Programmes of Study at Key Stages 2 & 3.

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Review:- Primary French Project

The Primary French Project provides free materials to those who teach French in Key Stage 2. Suitable for all practitioners, from those who have no prior knowledge of the language, to specialist linguists new to teaching children in Key Stage 2.

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Review:- Agincourt 600

As part of the Agincourt 600 projects funded by the Historical Association and supported by the Association for Language Learning, schools were invited to apply to take part in a fully funded four day residential trip to Agincourt.

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Review:- Mess on the Floor – a magic talking book

It is easy to see why this delightful story with super illustrations by Elfreda Crehan will engage young learners. It would enhance any scheme of work.

The author Peter Terrell has come up with a very user friendly app and the book currently in French, German Spanish and Gaelic, with Chinese to come, will certainly appeal. A curious cat is trying to work out what the mess on the floor is and has a bit of bother…

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Review:- Primary Languages Starter Pack

The Primary Languages Starter Pack is not just an informative handbook for Language Assistants, but also an essential tool for mentors welcoming a native speaker into primary school as well as any adult involved in delivering primary languages.

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