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Contributions from ALL Members

It would be good to have more contributions from ALL members! Please send them to [email protected], marked 'Primary Zone'.

Daily Bread

What different foods do children eat around the world? Photographer Gregg Segal has embarked on a global project asking kids around the world to keep a food diary for his “Daily Bread” challenge.

Please click here for more information.

La Moufle

Here are some resources around 'La moufle' kindly shared by Ruth Hedley form Monkseaton in N Tyneside.

Teacher Notes

La Moufle storytelling Presentation

La Moufle Worksheet

French stories

La fête nationale du 14 juillet

Known in France as ‘Le 14 juillet’ or ‘La fête nationale du 14 juillet’, the day that we refer to as Bastille Day, is a fantastic opportunity to engage pupils in the French language and the country’s culture.  A French day, or a lesson, can be planned with the help of these resources:

Sites in English for resources and activities:

Euroclub schools



DLTK kids



French Today

MFL Sunderland

Clare Seccombe’s blog post

Sites in French for background information:




Le Figaro


Don’t forget to look at ALL’s Pinterest board for a range of creative ideas.

Primary Compendium

Primary Compendium

This is a compendium begun in January 2021 for Primary colleagues

It consists of strategies, online lessons, activities and/or resources that ALL members consider of good quality – they are especially for class teachers who are not usually teaching the language lesson but are now in bubbles with children all week, to help you make sure children still get some access to quality language learning.

Further recommendations are welcome and will be added.

Please send them to [email protected]


Jane Birtwhistle shares

French phonics clips

28 French sounds to match the 28 videos on the YouTube French Phonics playlist


La fête du cinéma

Culture and history of French cinema + posters and trailers for French children’s films ; language for expressing opinions


Mon petit livre de cuisine française

Culture : French dishes ; language of recipes


Les régions de France - visite virtuelle

Includes interactive map with multimedia resources


La Tour Eiffel

Cultural information; create an information sheet, technology tasks

Includes animations and video


Odd one out Quiz

Jane also hosts the Mrs Birtwhistle YouTube channel


Clare Seccombe shares:

Learn Spanish at home
Extensive range of video lessons with notes for parents and associated activities

Lumen's Language Challenges
Variety of different challenges with a linguistic aspect

Lumen's French Award

Lumen's Spanish Award

Lumen's German Award

The above are downloadable PDFs


Spanish lesson videos (Light Bulb Languages scheme of work)
Lessons presented by Clare herself.


Liz Lord recommends:

Learn French with Mme Cantin

Primary Languages Network Spanish Home Learning resources

Primary Languages Network French Home Learning resources

Eleanor Chettle Cully and Lessons from Lockdown Learning


Janet Lloyd adds:

PLN YouTube video channel.

Free extended trial of the PLN virtual learning environment and access to the pre-recorded primary language lessons, interactive Circuit Breakers and Home Learning Activity Packs.


Sue Cave shares:

On the Cave Languages YouTube channel teachers can find video lessons leading to creative writing projects which can be completed independently by children at home, and used by teachers not confident in delivering French in KS2.


Marie-Odile Guillou

FRENCH PHONICS CARDS with colours and numbers up to 31


BBC Bitesize KS2

The Dash and Blink game is particularly designed for children to use independently.

French -  KS2 French - BBC Bitesize

Spanish - KS2 Spanish - BBC Bitesize

Mandarin - KS2 Mandarin - BBC Bitesize


Cara Bleiman shares (for Mandarin)

My Youtube playlist for Primary Mandarin

My Primary Mandarin quizlet sets

The Swire Chinese Language Centre Oxford Digital Resources page could also be useful:


Nadine Chadier mentions:





Nathalie Paris shares:

Nattalingo Productions (French)
Several hundred video clips


How to build a snowman

French nursery rhymes

including French challenges

and French learning adventures

Nathalie also has a Vimeo channel with videos to help non-specialist practitioners introduce lessons from the Primary French Project – a great and free scheme and resources that can easily be used online here.

Also French with Mr Innes YouTube channel

Oak Academy has now launched Primary Languages lessons for Key Stage 2 French and Spanish

A specialist teacher writes:

I'm doing a mixture of live teaching and pre-recording then uploading lessons to a private YouTube Channel (that's a time-consuming element of the whole process but the pupils and parents have responded well to having the videos to work with).

I'm making lots of resources using Word Wall at the moment, which is great for virtual vocabulary and grammar drills and has lots and lots of variety.

I have also discovered Learning Apps which allows you to embed native speaker audio for flashcard activities.

I've got into Genially and making escape rooms and interactive slides for the children to access from home as well.

That's taking ages to get my head around but there is a wonderful webinar with Joe Dale and Marie Allirot, which I've been working my way thorough and has been very helpful. Please click here.

Primary target language resources

These resources have been chosen by members of the DfE Expert Panel and members of the ALL Primary Special Interest group as ones that have been used in their own schools. They include a variety of commercial as well as non-commercial resources, publications, free websites and online materials for developing cultural awareness.  We are keen to hear from members with recommendations about other resources they use to good effect on a regular basis.

Please note, ALL does not recommend or endorse particular resources.

Review of resources available for primary teachers

ALL regularly reviews a wide variety of resources that are available for the different sectors in language teaching and learning.

It would be good to have more reviews from ALL members! Please send them to [email protected], marked 'Primary Zone'.

Review: The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book by Alex Bellos

The Language Lover’s Puzzle Book Alex Bellos Guardian Faber, 2020, 416pp, £14.99 978-1-783-35218-0 When ALL was asked to review this book, my interest was immediately sparked. Having always been interested in the development of languages and an avid puzzle solver, I...

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Review:- The Transition Toolkit

Review:- The Transition Toolkit

The ALL Connect Transition Toolkit is the go-to resource for teachers at KS2 and KS3. It was successfully launched at Language World 2016 and contains example activities in French, Spanish and German.

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