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For updates on Changes to GCSE French, German and Spanish for 2024 teaching please visit the STALL section here and look for the title 'Changes to GCSE French, German and Spanish for 2024 teaching'.




Research summaries from OASIS

The OASIS database ( makes research in language studies more accessible to those who don't have time or money to access research findings behind paywalls.

OASIS holds about 1,500 one-page summaries written in non-technical language - all summaries are freely available, and new summaries arrive every week.

The summaries cover a very wide range of topics including:

multilingualism            computer-assisted language learning            feedback
CLIL                            assessment                                                    classroom teaching
language policy          language learning theories                             motivation
self-efficacy                 language learning across the lifespan            teacher identity
neurolinguistics           heritage, home, and community languages     and many more!

OASIS also holds summaries of large systematic reviews of whole areas of research.

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Information to inform curriculum planning

Ofsted's Key Stage 3 - the wasted years?

Ofsted survey report published in September 2015 investigating whether Key Stage 3 is providing pupils with sufficient breadth and challenge.

Please click here for full details.

Implementing the English  Baccalaureate (EBacc)

The EBacc comprises the core academic subjects that the vast majority of young people should have the opportunity to study to age 16. To enter the EBacc, pupils must take up to eight GCSEs across five subject ‘pillars’.

Teaching Schools Council Modern Languages Pedagogy Review

Language Trends Survey

The annual Language Trends report is a survey of primary and secondary schools in England, designed to gather information about the current situation for language teaching and learning.  Explore the Language Trends 2022.