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ALL Social
First Friday of each month at 8pm on Zoom (next 2nd October)
NQTs, RQTs and Trainees all welcome

Usual  format:

1. ALL intro + update (5 mins)

2. 'lightly-themed' presentation by someone (maximum 15 minutes)

3.  Sharing nuggets of success [a couple of brief breakout room sessions to help you get to know others 

4. Some sort of fun activity e.g. game / music (about 10 minutes)

5. Chance for those who want to stay behind to continue the chat

Welcome Event 2020

‘Thank you all, you are so kind’

- ALL’s national welcome to Language teacher trainees

on 30th. September 2020

The quote above is a line from the Chat at this Zoom event where over 200 trainees and others, from all over the UK, and abroad, came together for an informal drop-in, and heard from others about :

The family of ALL Members and how we share

Thoughts from recent trainees

Keeping a treasure chest

The joys of teaching languages

Support for trainees from other Language teachers

First thoughts on job applications

And joined in a Jargon Quiz in the Breakout rooms           

A short version of the Chat and Quiz contents are in a separate document


A couple more quotations :

So encouraging to see other people forming part of the language teaching army because it can sometimes feel like a one-woman fight!


Feeling so inspired after this webinar. Thank you. I will definitely look to becoming a member. You are a fab bunch!

Guest Blogs

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