Why study languages?

Technology, globalisation and ease of international travel are bringing more of the world within our reach.

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Read about the powerful reasons why learning languages equips your students with the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of 21st Century opportunities and to encourage those who are not quite on board ...... yet!

Seven hundred reasons for learning languages

Seven hundred reasons for studying languages: "I think languages just set you free. If you look at a map and you notice how small Britain is in relation to the rest of the world and you look at the size of Latin America with, goodness knows, twenty countries, and you think, you know, you can go out there when perhaps the person next door to you... is just going to be working here for the rest of their lives ... it's just like liberation" (language undergraduate).

Fifty reasons you should learn a new language

50 reasons you should learn a new language: learning a new language can help tremendously with your career prospects, your college education and experiences, travel, and personal enjoyment of the arts and culture.

What could languages offer you?

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Where can languages take you?

Studying languages: This site is written by undergraduates to provide straightforward and relevant information about studying languages, linguistics and cultural studies at university.

The only way is languages - An Online DVD from Routes into Languages West Midlands to inspire young people to study languages at school, college and university and to get them thinking of the different kind of careers they could go into with their language skills; including six case studies of real life examples of people using their language skills in the workplace.


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Languages for the Future

Languages for the future identifies the priority languages for the UK’s future prosperity, security and influence in the world.

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