How does ALL work?

ALL is a registered charity, regulated by the Charity Commission

ALL's Board of Trustees - Management Board

Management of the Association is formally vested in ALL's Management Board, who are the Trustees of the Association.

Function of the Management Board

The Management Board has legal and financial responsibility for ALL as a charity and all substantive decisions about ALL's strategic direction and operations are approved by the Board.

Board composition

The Management Board comprises three elected Officers:

  • Honorary Membership Officer
  • President-Elect
  • President

Additionally ALL is able to invite up to five more Trustees to join the board, from which it selects a Chair and a Treasurer.

The Board is also able to invite Observers to be part of Management Board meetings, selected because they lend specialist expertise.

The Board comprises members who bring a broad range of knowledge and skill to the table to ensure ALL operates to agreed principles and on a firm financial footing. 

ALL's Council

ALL's Council reports into the Management Board, but is very often the body to which the Board will refer matters for discussion before ratifying a decision. ALL Council can also refer matters to the Board for consideration and approval.  The Council splits into Task & Finish Groups which address specific areas of focus for an academic year.The Council meets once a year on a Saturday where it reviews the previous year's activity and  kick-starts the new academic year by identifying new tasks for the Council's Task & Finish Groups to address for the year ahead.

The function of the ALL Council is:

• to discuss and inform the Association's policies and strategies
• to contribute to the future development of the Association, helping to deliver some of ALL's strategic objectives
• to consider proposals for new activities and make recommendations to the Board

Council composition

The Council comprises twelve elected members from the broadest ALL membership, as well as the Association's elected officers and trustees.