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Routes into Languages

Routes into Languages is funded by the Higher Education Funding Councils for England and Wales, and will run until July 2016.

The focus of Routes into Languages is to:

  • bring new ideas and partners together to promote increased take-up in learning languages in secondary and higher education
  • promote the take-up of work and study abroad in language degrees and in other subjects
  • promote greater national capacity in areas of employment that require proficiency in languages and intercultural competence
  • raise the aspirations and attainment of students in secondary and higher education
  • promote greater collaboration between universities, schools and stakeholders.

Routes into Languages has produced a number of useful resources to support the promotion of languages, which are freely available from their website.

They also run events, competitions and activities around the country for language students.

Find out about the #YearOverHere Campaign, a partnership between, Routes into Languages and Speak to the Future : discover the world’s greatest languages, festivals and culture… right here in the UK.

#YearOverHere has collected listings of upcoming UK-based foreign cultural events and courses, language-enhancing resources and top tips to help you immerse yourself in a foreign culture in order to hone your global skills – all without leaving the UK!

Find out about the Teacher of the Year Awards 2015 and 2016

ALL partnered with Routes into Languages to run an award scheme to find the Primary and Secondary Language Teacher and Student Language Ambassador of the Year.

Find out more about events run by ALL and its partners and corporate members by viewing ALL’s calendar.

Learn about challenges and competitions run by ALL’s local member networks, ALL’s partners and corporate members.