Add Payment Method for Auto Renewal

Memberships purchased via Direct Debit prior to June 2019 require you to re-add your details.

When we migrated to a new online membership platform, for security reasons we weren’t able to transfer the Direct Debit information in to the new platform. As a result, ALL Memberships have been transferred without Direct Debit information and with auto-renew disabled.

A recurring payment method (Direct Debit or PayPal) can easily be manually added to your Membership to enable auto-renew. Please see the instructions below.

If you require any help or need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To setup auto-renew for a membership purchased prior to June 2019:

  1. Go to Account > Subscriptions
  2. Click on the subscription you would like to add auto renewal to
  3. Click the Auto-renew toggle
  4. The next page tells you when your next payment is due.Select your payment type
  5. Click the Add payment method button in the dialog
  6. Select the preferred payment method on the Checkout page
  7. Complete payment

Once a payment method has been added, the associated membership will have auto renew enabled. When the renewal date arrives, the membership will automatically process a renewal payment using this payment method and extend your membership without any extra effort on your part.

A recurring payment method can easily be disabled or deleted in future if required.

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