Upcoming Events

ALL runs events across the country, ranging from big national events like the annual Language World conference to small events for local networks.

Language World


Language World is ALL’s national conference for teachers of languages. Join your subject community to celebrate language teaching and learning!

Language World 2017

Language World 2016


ALL’s local groups, members and partners often run challenges and competitions for language learners in their local area, or at a regional or national level.

Latest competitions

Juvenes Translatores

Juvenes Translatores is a translation competition  for secondary schools. Each selected school can enter 2-5 participants born in 2002.  Participants can choose to translate from any official EU language into any other official EU language. The competition will be...

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ALL NE European Day of Languages Competition

A magical trip ALLNE and partners are once again organising the annual European Day of Languages Competition for Schools and in 2019 it is again open to anyone!  We were delighted with response from around the country in last year’s competition - A recipe (for...

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