Are you a languages teacher who would like to learn a new language? Would you like to add a new language in your school? Or are you a trainee teacher who would like to be able to offer something extra when applying for jobs?

Latin is a language that can be of great benefit to studying Modern Foreign Languages. It is the root language of Spanish and French, and many English words are derived from Latin. Not only our language, but also our culture has been influenced by the Ancient Romans, and learning the language allows us to develop an understanding of where we have come from.

The Classics Department at Westminster School, in partnership with the charity Classics for All, will be running a FREE 6-week Latin Course for teachers with no knowledge of the language in the autumn term. The course will take place on three Saturday afternoons before half-term, and three after, and will be held at Westminster School. The course will cover basics of the language, as well as some pedagogy, with the idea being that participants would then be able to offer it in their schools in whatever form suits them. The introduction of Latin in the school would be supported for FREE by Classics for All, and FREE follow-up, personalised training would be provided as necessary.

Classics For All raises funds to enable schools, many in areas of high deprivation, to study Latin, Ancient History, Classical Civilisation and Ancient Greek. We offer funding to both primary and secondary schools, often to launch classics for the first time.

If you are interested in learning more or taking part in this course, please email [email protected].