Annual competition for schools in the UK, organised in the North-East:

ALLNE and partners once again organised the annual European Day of Languages Competition for Schools and in 2018 it was again open to anyone!  The organising committee invited language learners in any key stage to create a piece of text in a language they were learning on the theme.  The recipe: take a good idea, mix in the ideas of language learners around the country; make something lovely, worth sharing with others!

At a time when reports about languages education can seem worrying, it was fantastic to see the hundreds and hundreds of entries coming from all around the country for the annual competition – and in a great range of language and styles!
This is a great tribute to the interest and imagination of students and the commitment of teachers and demonstrates that language skills, creativity and international understanding are of continuing importance to people in our global society.

Many of the entries were beautifully presented and pupils in Primary and Secondary interpreted the competition theme – A recipe (for happiness) – in a wonderful variety of ways. There were texts that looked like recipes, lists of things that make you happy, cartoons and computer art, poems and stories in a wide range of languages (which meant we had to broaden our judging panels) including our first entry on Braille paper. Older students produced extended writing, often very accurate and showing skill in grammatical manipulation.

The organisers congratulate language departments and pupils for taking part in this competition. We are delighted that this year’s theme has again clearly inspired people. Prize-winners are being contacted by post.

Please explore the Competiton Results and the Competition EDoL photos 2018.

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